We are

Delivering Quality Pharmaceuticals to
Meet Today's Healthcare Needs

We are

Delivering Quality Pharmaceuticals to
Meet Today's Healthcare Needs


In 2015, PUBE GLOBAL was initiated mainly serving the great principle that medicines should be available with affordable price for all people suffering from various diseases, considering the most Noble. Emblem one for all and all for one…one company that can fulfill all health needs and all medicines should be available for our client.


Generic Medicines

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    API & Excipients

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      OTC & Nutraceuticals

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        Company Principles

        Good health is a common goal for all of us in this world. Pube Global, engaged in Export and Import of Pharmaceutical products, is committed to excellence in healthcare globally. We strive to be an ethical, transparent organization with progressive outlook. Pube Global, with its dedicated approach, has made available a range of innovative, value added, and evidence-based products to improve health. We are backed by a dedicated team in three other companies with over 50 extended professionals, who are well trained in every aspect of pharmaceutical Industry.

        We are continuously improving our operations in an attempt to meet and excel quality standards of the industry. We are committed to reliably supplying quality pharmaceuticals to meet today’s diverse healthcare needs.

        Our commitment to provide reliable supply of quality pharmaceuticals starts with a customer first approach. We manage demand volatility by pipelining additional inventory. We offer personalized communication and service to exceed our customer expectations.

        We deliver affordable oral and injectable pharmaceuticals across a wide array of therapeutic areas. We understand and effectively manage risks presented by today’s market dynamics to provide steady supply to the industry. We are committed to expanding our portfolio of products and services to customers through technology acquisition and process innovation.


        Offering you best in class Generics, APIs, Excipients, OTC (Over the Counter) & Nutraceuticals
        Affordable generics with speed to market

        Overseas Registration of Products (Canada, Mexico, East European Countries and other regulated markets), Merchant Exporter, Sourcing of products from MHRA/ FDA/ WHO approved plants for European, Middle East, Mexico, and other markets.

        API Sourcing from different countries directly from manufacturers and special molecule products.

        Product to Product formulation from GMP approved facilities in Non-Excise zones, Sourcing of customized APIs, Sourcing of customized pellets, Taste Masked Granules, etc.


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